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14 September, 2017

Tatyana (Moscow)

I place orders abroad three or four times a year, and now I will work only with your company.



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28 October, 2020. Krasnoyarsk

Steve Dow

Excellent flowers and service once more. I will continue to use mega flowers and highly recommend them.

27 October, 2020. Sochi

J Carlos martins

спасибо за вашу услугу, я обязательно буду использовать

27 October, 2020. Khabarovsk

Ken Wong

Roses and letter to perfection

25 October, 2020. Krasnodar


I have ordered from internet to my GF in Russia, The bouquet looked nice on the photo but was actually looking really miserable when she got it. She is really angry at me now. Don't buy to your loved ones , if you want to keep them in your life.

29 October, 2020
Quality Service Department of Megaflowers
Hello.Thank you for your review. We would like to inform you the order was delivered with red roses of 40 cm as was noted in the bouquet content. We are so sorry for the flowers picture, it is not professional, so it could seem you that the colour was not bright like our website, but it was! If you look at them in real life you will notice it. Anyway, we are so sorry and kindly ask you to accept a discount coupon, information of which was emailed you. We hope so much to see you among our customers in the future!Sincerely yours,Megaflowers

21 October, 2020. Sochi

Josef Gatti

Have been your customer for two years and I'm always delighted at the quality of the flowers and service you offer.

Gipsy Aza
Gipsy Aza
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17 October, 2020. Bryansk

Maksut Soykan Taşpınar

Thank you so much for your great service. It was fast delivery and beautiful flowers

Bouquet of Chrysanthemum
Bouquet of Chrysanthemum
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13 October, 2020. Khabarovsk

Ken Wong

Flowers were wrong color. Post card had a completely different message. No one said anything. I was not informed.

Valley of Roses
Valley of Roses
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16 October, 2020
Quality Service Department of Megaflowers
Dear Mr Wong,Thank you for your review and please, accept our deepest apologies for such unpleasant situation! Service Control Department have already checked it and offered you the ways of it solving already. We hope so much you will stay among our customers in the future.Sincerely yours, Megaflowers

11 October, 2020. Chelyabinsk


fast and efficient service, accurate and detailed tracking information, serious seller. The flowers are really beautiful!


11 October, 2020. Moscow


The best flowers shop in Moscow Best prices, High quality , Best customer service.

08 October, 2020. Moscow


Thank you for your special services The order was on time The flowers amazing Is the second time that I asked for your services and I am very satisfy. Thanks a lot Very soon I will use again :)